Wealth Management Advisor | Research Analyst

Jake McKinney

As a Wealth Management Advisor at Clark Wealth Partners, Jake brings a wealth of financial expertise and a personal commitment to helping clients achieve their dreams. With a bachelor's degree in accounting and a current pursuit of the CPA and CFA designations, Jake is on a mission to provide holistic financial guidance that goes beyond numbers and charts.

Jake is particularly passionate about helping business owners and highly compensated individuals navigate the complexities of wealth management. He approaches each client relationship with genuine care and a commitment to providing personalized service. From crafting tailored investment strategies to guiding through intricate financial decisions, Jake is dedicated to assisting clients in every aspect of their financial journey with confidence and clarity.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Jake finds joy and inspiration in his family - his wife, Allison, and their two dogs. Together, they embody the values of support, compassion, and determination that Jake brings to his work every day.